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Anyone who waits, at the mall during the holidays, near college campus parking at class change, etc. for a parking space to open up. Person usually circles a specific area like a vulture, sometimes following people walking to their cars.
There were 3 parking vultures perched up on top of the parking garage when I got off the elevator to walk down to my ride. Two of them fought it out as I left.
by StBill September 23, 2010
any older person, long past the prime of their life
Let's go watch the half-dead winter chickens climb the steps into the Social Security building.
by StBill September 23, 2010
Slang - Amer. - penis (usually circumcised)
Guy #1: So then what?
Guy #2: So then I broke out my purple-headed pussy poker and hit that like a porn star
by StBill August 30, 2009
acronym for "Damn, You're Good!"
Deb: I scored this phat matrix file for you...
Bill: DYG, girl!
by StBill August 26, 2009
Hairstyle inspired by the traditional headdress of the Mohawk tribe - according to a 1939 Hollywood movie starring Henry Fonda. This style was popularly associated with the Punk Rock subculture of the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Today it has entered the main stream as a hairstyle defined by a strip of long hair down the middle of the wearer's head, flanked on both sides by shorter hair.
Dude #1: Check out the Mohawk I just got!
Dude #2: No dude, you have to shave the sides of your head to have a Mohawk. You got a Phauxhawk.
by StBill August 11, 2012
"White collar" or middle manager workers, usually located in cube farms or front offices of manufacturing plants, so called because their work space is carpetted instead of bare concrete.
"The system always slows down when the carpet walkers come in around 8am."
by StBill February 29, 2012
One's coworkers in a job that is Hell.
Hellmate #1: Dude, Satan wants to see you in her office.
Hellmate #2: No way, bro, I'm heading to lunch.
by StBill July 26, 2012

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