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a phrase to convey anger. most effective against extremely obtuse straight males as it implies that they are homosexual.
Bill pushes Tom.
Tom tells Bill to "eat a dick".
Bill looks hurt and bewildered.
by Stacky August 27, 2003
A person who is an idotic/stupid person
Josh always atcs like a dopa.
by StAcKy November 12, 2003
someone ugly (i.e. looking or having the appearance of a rat) who also smells (smells include things like "ass" or a sewage factory.)
In general, someone you don't like but need a new name to call. Can be combined with other insults as well.

1. You rat faced ass factory.

2. You're such a fucking rat faced ass factory. Eat a dick.
by Stacky August 27, 2003

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