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When you resolve a stupid mistake by taking it up the ass.
Mike: I rectumfied that trade problem with Goldman Sachs.
Eric: How much did it cost us?
Mike: Only four grand this time.
by St00pDawg July 15, 2010
A variation of the mountaineering term "Ice Axe Arrest" where a climber uses an ice axe or pick to arrest their fall off of an ice covered mountain. A maneuver that often results in arcing your body so that your ass is extended upward in order to apply the most leverage with the axe. Etymology: Term was created in 2010 during an RMI mountaineering school lead by Peter Whittaker when Michael Maas of Orange County, California performed the maneuver with such perfection that all guides and climbers stood motionless staring at Michael's 'Nice Ass Erect".
Jimmy: How did you like mountaineering school?

Eric: It was amazing. But did you see Michael when we were practicing our Ice Axe Arrest?

Jimmy: I did. It was almost as if time stopped while he was holding the position.

Eric: That wasn't an Ice Axe Arrest, it was a Nice Ass Erect!
by St00pDawg August 13, 2010
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