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You finally are able to make connect with an ex that has done his/her best to keep you away (restraining orders, changing home address and/or phone numbers) but you presisted thinking he/she will find it romantic and endearing and want you back.
She blocked my old cell so I just got another one and texted her at 3 in the morning. All I put was SNUCK YA! and she knew it was me.
by St. Tee August 11, 2010
To hit on someone, usually when drunk and it's painfully obvious.
Can you believe Kyle was about to throw an elbow at that chick? He couldn't even stand up straight.
by St. Tee February 03, 2010
A lame move to intentionally waste alcohol. In an attempt to look cool someone pretends to drink more than they did by opening beer after beer without finishing the first one.
Look at all these Schmittys. Every beer is still half-full. And now we're out of beer.
by St. Tee February 04, 2010
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