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2 definitions by St. TeShaun

1. chocolate covered pretzels, comming in flavors including (but not limited to) vaniilla fudge, basic fudge (das choco suckaz, peanut butter, and white yogurt semen)
2. heaven
3. When you be ballin', anna chump try to bring and you be dazzlin' in the air. Straight up.
"Yo Charlie I got flipz!"
"The f*ck is that? Fruckin' homo."
by St. TeShaun February 26, 2007
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1. Something that should be beaten on a regular basis.
2. In the case of slutty freshmen girls, semen catchers that will do anything to be near superior upper classmen/human tissues
3. Human boners
4. Modern Day Slaves
5. No. 1 product of Orthodontists.
"Hey Eunice, git me mah beatin' styuck I'se gones done and spotted me a freshmen!"
"I keep getting boners during class, can I borrow your freshmen?"
"All ya'll hollah up yur hounds now we done fixin' to hunt me som' freshmen"
by St. TeShaun February 26, 2007
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