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1 definition by St. Mary's 8th grade girls

A person who thinkks she is so goth and so good at soccer, but really tries just too hard at both or those things.
In the Goth section, she wears hollister, abercrombie, aero, ect. and yet still claims to be a goth.
In the soccer section, Has black soccerballs with skulls on them, and just acts so goth when playing soccer.
*Ally* wow, sam's just trying too hard to be goth.

*Michelle* yeah i know, and she tries too hard at soccer

*kris* But she really sucks at both! what a soccer goth!

*sam* I HEARD THAT NOW IM GONNA GO CRY WHILE KICKING MY BLACK SOCCERBALL WITH SKULLS ON IT!!! let me be who i am, a goth who wears Hollister, thats so goth and everything too, because im goth.
by St. Mary's 8th grade girls September 22, 2007
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