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e⋅lec⋅tion e⋅rec⋅tion ĭ-lěk'shən ĭ-rěk'shən
1. the general euphoria experienced when your candidate of choice wins by a landslide.
2. the sexual arousal and excitement caused by same.
"Dude, when I saw the final tally of votes on Nov. 4, I got a total election erection!"


"You may have a first-time voter boner, but when Obama won I got a total election erection."
by St. Bastard November 05, 2008
Someone who you only know through MySpace, Friendster, Facebook or any other large networking website.

Typically, someone you've never met in real life.
Q: Dude, do you know that girl who's leaving comments all over your page?

A: Nah, she's just a MyFriend.
by St. Bastard May 28, 2007

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