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The last and hopefully biggest blunt of the night. It evens you out clears your mind and puts you to sleep.
goddamn that was a crazy fucking party, twist up a sandman, we'll munch then go to sleep madu. And manana we getting some Cinnabon
by St timmy December 16, 2008
while mostly known as that dumb bitch on TV
Hannah is actually slang for coke. Most people don't know Tony Montana is her uncle and she def is white girl.
Me: Hey madu you wanna get hannah montana tickets tonight, its like 50$ a seat madu?

Shmeh: I meannnnnnn, im down we def getting front row seats right?

Me: For sure shit is legitttt!!

Shmeh: uh yeaaaaaaaa, we innn it!
by St timmy December 16, 2008
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