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3 definitions by SsSM LAWBANGER

A proho is a certain lifestyle few women live. It consists of walking a fine line between prude and ho. She dosent throw herself at guys but simply draws in the line just a bit.
A girl who is a playa a proho
by SsSM LAWBANGER July 27, 2011
9 4
A man who loves tropical flavored soft drinks. He is a drifter among the Xbox world from left for dead to call of booty. His gamer tag confuses all and is most frustrating. He plays a mean sexamaphone as proper to his dubbed tittle of Ryan " The Rock Man " Hoerr. He loves Dexter(not the cartoon) and is a follower of the all mighty FSM.
A man with a sax. Ryan Hoerr
by SsSM LAWBANGER July 22, 2011
6 3
A Tool hater Is a person whom which loathes those who follow the most popular fad of the times. He or she bitches very frequently about just almost anything. They tend to often disagree with a LAWBANGER while jamming on their guitar
A hater is a person close to a tool hater
by SsSM LAWBANGER July 27, 2011
2 1