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Another word for pakistani, when paki has been done to the death. Used by my mate from Scotland so probably where it came from.
"i bloody hate paks, they smell"
by Srh December 17, 2005
An action. Also known as a "beana". To quickly run your finger, or other objects, through someone's butt crack, while exclaiming "QUABEANA!". Not a sexual gesture.

Different variations include changing the location of the "beana" (I.E. Quabeana-ing someone in the kitchen might also be called a "Kitchen-beana!")

Or changing the beana'd body part (I.E. Running your finger through someone's cleavage may also be called a Boob-crack-beana!)
1. "I can't believe you Quabeana'd me while I bent down to tie my shoe!"

2. While at olive garden, my sister ran her breadstick along the waitress' crack and yelled, "WAITRESS-BEANA!"
by SRH July 10, 2012
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