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A portly woman's vulva. Due to excessive fat tissue, the vulva appears to bulge out. Could also be referred to as a "front butt."
While exploring the intricate folds of Emily's bulgina, Nate found that it kinda looked like Jay Leno's chin.
by Sraes Nave June 06, 2008
The feeling of shame and embarrassment one experiences when a crappy and/or embarrassing song comes on while playing their mp3 player on shuffle for a group of people.
Man, when The Jonas Brothers came on at Nicky P's party, it was the worst. You could cut the shuffarrassment with a knife.
by Sraes Nave August 14, 2008
the state of mind of a person who is deeply intoxicated on jenkem.

similar to the k-hole (which describes the conscious, catatonic state that ketamine users experience)
"Dude, looks like your Dad's got his j-boots on again..."
by Sraes Nave May 08, 2008
v. To break up with a girl while you're still inside of her.

(conjugation: -ed, -ing)

origin: C. NadDogs, summer '07
Guy #1: Dude, you still with Janet?

Guy #2: Nah man- I nad-dogged her last night. I'm a free man now.
by Sraes Nave October 13, 2008
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