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3 definitions by SrBlanco

adj. Describes the feeling you get when you witness the closure of a long standing and very enjoyable web site. Similar to the feeling you get when you watch someone graduate from high school that you remember being born.
Can you believe BMW is shutting down I remember when that shit came out in 2001. Damn I feel internet old!
by SrBlanco October 17, 2005
6 2
Denotes a sex act whereby one coats thier cock in raspberry jam and ass fucks another person.
This freaky ho couldnt get enough so I gave her the monte christo so she would shut the hell up and I could get some sleep.
by SrBlanco January 24, 2005
19 16
To serve no purpose. Useless

A truncation of the phrase "as useless as teets on a boar hog" meaning that teets, or nipples, on a male hog are useless and serve no purpose.
Bob: "I am so tired of pulling Frank's weight around here. He is so worthless!"
Roger: "Yeah. Frank is teets."
by SrBlanco November 06, 2005
15 29