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From root verb "Lamber"; Dominican word that can be used as both an adjective or noun describing:

1. Someone who engages in blatant and unjustified flattery; An ass-kisser.
2. A person who shamelessly tries to get a share of another person's properties or worth (such as food or social status) without actually having the appropriate level of closeness to this person. They have impaired recognition of boundaries which can lead to very uncomfortable situations as few people know how to deal with them without directly telling them to fuck off.
1. "Coño ese mamaguevo sí es lambon, después que el flaco le metió la mano anda diciendo que son amigos." (Damnit that asshole is such an ass kisser, after the skinny one kicked his ass he goes around saying they're friends.)

2. "Si tú no sabes de barrio, pistola o de callejón, sálgase del medio, no sea lambón." (If you know nothing about hoods, guns or alleys get out of the way don't be lambón.)
by Sr. Doñé Mota November 29, 2012

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