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The term can be split into three (maybe misconceivable) interpretations.

1) The berating of calling someone a "backstreet batty boy" by saying that the male/boy in question takes it up the anal passage.

2) Provoking their appearence,sexuality preference and general attitude by chaining the term to the half who adore and those who scorn, the "Backstreet Boys"

3) A male prostitute on service to the paying street community for "jobs" and pleasural gratification.
Whoa oh gang,check out the "Backstreet Batty Boy" on the verge of our presence to suffer a mocking.

Why won't that "Backstreet Batty Boy" on benders avenue take up a legal laborious job.
by SquirrelPower July 20, 2008
A spin to the phrase of the universal,every minute use known as the internet.

The name draws from the utilization of the "leet" language that is employed upon the internet (and mobile phones) in conversations, chat rooms, forums such as:

"LOL", "Pwned" and "Noob"

along with emoticons

"XD", ":-0" and "=]"
Sup dude, I saw you on the leet street the video of you dancing to "Steps'- 5,6,7,8."

I'm sorry teach, yes....I should not of used the leet street as my single resource for the essay.
by Squirrelpower July 10, 2008
The past of technology that has assisted in development to the now times of electronics.

Can also be said in the context of old school electronica music.
"This gameboy is a hardcore piece of "Retro-Electro".

Yeahhhhs, come buddy, lets groove on to the "Retro-Electro" that is "No Limits".
by SquirrelPower January 12, 2009
The notion of Bumblasting is dipping your ass on to someone's face as a show of mockery or irritance.

The perception is in relation to "Tea Bagging" where as instead your aim is for your bottom (or a character in a video game) to connect to a body's face whether up or down from the floor.
Huzzah ha ha, reek the wrath of my "Bumblasting" you noob spawn killer.

I had to "Bumblast" my mate's face who slept over yesterday due to his ever increased snoring.

by SquirrelPower September 14, 2008
A alternative name to the common concept of headbanging to a groovy tune with your mind fixed to the melody in course with the beat.

Associations of the term can be drawn towards the nightclub scene with the ever pulsing techno rhythms screaming out loud to getting your self deep into.

Could you excuse yourself from disturbing me in my engaged brainrave.
by Squirrelpower July 10, 2008
The setting up a shot that requires lighting, framing and positioning of subjects.

A studio shoot/behind the scenes of pictures that are professionally done compared to a picture from a click of a button flash digital camera on location
You can see the protography in these images, lighting has a mood, the background is colourful and the model is the delight to the centerpiece.

The protography from the digital SLR camera is beyond amazing.
by SquirrelPower September 03, 2009
A term to state that someone your attempting to communicate with is speaking nonsense/bullshit.

The sentences you've been hearing from someone is empty and meaningless in relation to a subject or general taboo talk .
You sir are full of nothing in your exclaimations towards your degrading film critque of the classic, "Psycho".

Cease yourself from your full of nothing significant to say rambles of yourself and your daily hackneyed life routine.
by SquirrelPower July 31, 2008

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