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As above but applying especially to people or things that are disheveled or minging simply due to age.
God my dogs getting scraggy in its old age.

Yer Maws a scraggy auld bint.
by Squirrelking November 21, 2004
Similar to fanny batter it is a product of the anus usually (but not exclusively) derived from a mixture of lubricant, sex wee and faeces. Cant imagine it smells or tastes very good but doubtless there is some mexican cheese dragon type out there who puts it on their flakes in the morning...
She was walking down the street casually letting one go when with a massive burp her anus spewed forth a massive blob of bum custard
by Squirrelking May 12, 2004
The state of being dismantled.
Right now this engine is in a complete state of dismantlement.

by Squirrelking July 12, 2006
Derogatory phrase, used in a similar fashion to shit stabber, sheep shagger and mexican cheese dragon.
Oh my god that guy is such a dog botherer...

You fucking jeylord I bet you bother dogs...
by Squirrelking May 08, 2004
A town on the Firth of Clyde (Scotland) personfied by golf, neds and coffin dodgers (just for a change). Unfortunately the jewel on the crown of Ayrshire, it all gets worse the further you travel from it.
Where are you from?
by Squirrelking May 12, 2004

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