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Leaking Butt Hole Syndrome
aka: L.A.S (Leaking Anus Syndrome)
The leaking of poo into your crack causing irritation. Has many degrees of severity from minor irritation to the most severe known as "Swamp Ass" This affliction is usually occurs after a night of heavy drinking and eating at any resturant with the words "authentic mexican food" in the name. Other causes are "house of Thai" or any food with the word "jerked" in it. Onset of this affliction may be anywhere from 2-12 hours. Symptoms include wetness around the anus followed by severe itching and if you itch it you might as well throw away your underpants. Most cases are accompanied with "Fire Hole" and a nasty stench that can be detected from 85 foot radius. There are very few treatments for L.B.H.S the best solution is prevention. Treatments include enima or tuck some paper in your crack like an ass maxipad. Prevention is the best. avoid spicy food and copius amounts of crappy beer. If there is a chance you will get L.B.H.S make sure you are not going "commando" this will lead to awkward social issues. "Swamp Ass" is the most severe case of L.B.H.S and is caused by the mixture of L.B.H.S and heavy sweating. Most people who are afflicted with this condition are very overweight, live in the South and answer to the name "Rooster" or "Skeeter"
Watch out "Skeeter" went to that new mexican resturant now he's got L.B.H.S..

Wow, that was good jerked chicken I hope I don't get L.B.H.S..

You smell that? He's got L.B.H.S
by Squirl76 December 01, 2009

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