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More formally known as a DDB, it is closely related to the wrestling term DDP. This is a sexual maneuver involving two partners. The partner receiving the bumpkin will hold the ejaculated cum in their mouth after the other is finished. The receiver of the blumpkin, dressed in torn up jeans and a cut off tee-shirt, will then give their cum filled partner a diamond cutter in the middle of the bathroom. This will hopefully send the ejaculated sperm on another journey through the air onto the bathroom floor and walls. This move should be done with care, and the winner can qualify for the intercontinental championship of the world.
Hey Jeff did you check out that Diamond Dallas Blumpkin that was on RAW last night.
by Squire June 16, 2006
This is a sexual move. While doing girls from behind, you get it nice and warm and pull out. Next, you take a stick of butter and place it into her ass. You let it start to melt and when it starts to drip, place a piece of toast under it until it butters the toast. You then finish up by feeding her the piece of toast. That my friends, is Hot Butter McBungus!
Jenny's eyes lit up when Tom mentioned hot butter mcbungus.
by Squire June 16, 2006
The duchess of all things cute and sweet!
mmmm, aitchey
by Squire August 06, 2003
Often used when a cat electrocutes itself, causing concern and eventually thoughts of dinner as said cat starts to smell good.
The cat electrocutes itself. "OMGWTFBBQ! Sweet! Free dinner!"
by Squire February 21, 2005

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