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2 definitions by Squint75

When feeling ill and preparing breakfast, usually after a night of heavy drinking, one vomits into the pan in which they are cooking. Thus, a vomelette is created.
Note: Eggs do not necessarily have to be the food being prepared.
Joe: Dude, I was so hungover from last night, that I made a vomelette this morning.

Frank: Oh god! What did you do with it?

Joe: Well, I still ate it. Eggs are expensive.
by Squint75 June 30, 2010
When a Caucasian, or generally light-skinned person, accidentally defecates themselves. The resulting aftermath resembles an Uh-Oh Oreo(white sandwich cookies with chocolate creme filling) Their ass-cheeks are the white cookies, and the shit is the chocolate filling.
Matt: Dude, are you okay?

Scott: No, I think I just made an uh-oh oreo. Why did I wear khakis today?!

by Squint75 June 30, 2010