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When an unatractive blue collar worker type has his/her sweaty, hairy, pimply ass crack showing. Typically due to an over wieghted tool belt.

First used by Jim Dilts of Big Bear, California back in the early 80's.
That plumber was a fucking narge to the extreme.

Q: "Did you see the gross ass crack on that fool!?!"

A: "What a fucking narge!"
by Squidmo January 21, 2005
A painfully long and boaring movie. See: Oliver Stone's Alexander. (better yet don't) Also the name of reviewer Harry Knowles annual film marathon and birthday bash.
Use as an observation: "That movie was one buttnmbathon".

Or mix it up: "That movie was one son-of-a-buttnmbathon"
by Squidmo February 11, 2005
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