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1. A self-appointed minister or who serves to preach to everyone he knows about the virtues of skiing and/or snowboarding as a hobby, and to patronise those who have never been before.

2. Someone who exploits any opportunity to mention skiing, snowboarding, and their achievements thereof.
"I've never heard the words 'snowboarding' and 'awesome' used so many times in a sentence, Tim is such a skivangelist."

"I don't like the heights, or the cold, or extreme sports. So please stop skivangelising."
#skivangelical #skivangelise #skivangelista #skivangelite #ski-mormon
by Squeezyalien February 23, 2010

1. Person who buys exclusively cheap, generic furniture.

2. Person whose home resembles a Habitat showroom.

3. Person who tries to achieve the 'designer home' look by decking their flat out in furniture and cutlery that looks swanky only in the context of the Argos superstore they bought it in.
"Tim you habitwat, why have you got square plates?"

"Sweetheart, can't we get some second-hand furniture or something? Everything in this flat is made out of pine. We look like a right pair of habitwats."
#habitwats #habitwot #habitwatt #habitwatted #habitat
by Squeezyalien July 08, 2010
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