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When you blow baby batter all over a chicks face, then sling shite all over her and make her look like a dalmation: hence a firehouse dog.
Dude, I totally gave your mom a firehouse dog last night!
#texas chilibowl #glassbottom boat #quarterback sneek #messy cresant #filthy danish
by Squatting Dog March 16, 2008
When your doing a chick in the dark and you pull out and your buddy takes your place, then you run around to the outside window, then knock and smile at them.
Bro 1: Dude, I just found this chick and she totally wants to do it!

Bro 2: We should pull a magician on her!

Bro 1: Chaw, that'll be totally radical.
#firehouse dog #quarterback sneak #torn bagel #5 o'clock traffic #ultimate orgy
by Squatting Dog March 17, 2008
When your doing a chick from behind and you stick your thumb up her brown-eye, then unexpectedly spin her around and wipe the crap under each of her eyes to make her look like a quarterback; hence a quarterback sneak.
Dude, I met this chick named Stacy at the club last night. I totally brought her back to my place and gave her a quarterback sneak. Then I threw her cloths out in the middle of the street so she would run out with crap on her face.
#firehouse dog #dirty doughnut hole #crusty bagel #a magician #portuguese breakfast
by Squatting Dog March 17, 2008
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