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When a man sits or lays down, and a girl, with a ponytail on the high part of her head. Then, the man grabs the ponytail and pushes the ponytail up and down while she gives the man head. Continues, to make the act of churning butter. Then, with the big finale, sweet salty butter is made.
Me and my girl were butter churnin', and it was awesome.

I made like, a gallon of butter last night.

Your girl is great at the butter churner.
by Squattin' Masta' January 25, 2010
The act of filling your mouth with water, having a male place his balls in the water-filled mouth getting the balls moist. Then the man with the moist balls, puts his balls in Kool-Aid powder. Then, proceeds to put his balls in the water-filled mouth. The process is then continued until the thirst needs are quenched.
Im goin' to my friends house, there is a sugar squattin party.

Damn, we are out of Kool-aid powder, we were gonna sugar squat.

I got dry nuts from sugar squatting.

My junk smells like Kool-aid from sugar squatting.

Lets sugar squat.
by Squattin' Masta' January 25, 2010

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