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Committing political suicide or self slander by doing something ruinous and having it picked up by the media and therefore to redefine you as a total loser
Governor Sanford's "Walkin The Appalachians " was mediacide.
by Sqrlzrus June 27, 2009
Verb. Meaning to be off doing something you should not be doing or would not want plastered all over CNN ruining your political career, ending you marriage and making you a spotlight figure on the Colbert Report. As in Governor Sanford's walk in the woods.
Where was Steve - he was supposed to be in our morning meeting? Dude, I believe he was "Walkin The Appalachians"
by Sqrlzrus June 27, 2009

an abnormal fear of watching or reading or hearing news. sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks, or lunging for the remote.
My newsaphobia has me on edge as the 10 pm hour nears and I find myself lunging for the remote.
by Sqrlzrus February 21, 2010
newsaphobic: adj. & n.
A person with a fear of news, or one who suffers from newsaphobia
John's remote was lost for an entire week and he was forced to watch Fox news... he is now a newsaphobic
by Sqrlzrus February 21, 2010
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