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An adherent of Bowserism. One who follows principles that are common in most religious and philosophical doctrine. Practicing personal dictates that value mutual respect and appreciation between people and exudes love towards life itself.
I think she is a Bowserist. She's always positive.
by Sqeeezer May 16, 2007
A bad sunburn. The result of overexposure to harmful UV rays while playing under the sun.
She was sunspanked yesterday while at the beach.
by Sqeeezer May 16, 2007
An irrational belief that acting like an ass might somehow improve ones stature among his or her peers, but such antics usually diminishes that person in overall size.
What a little shit. His shortism is giving me a pain in the ass.
by Sqeeezer May 15, 2007
A philosophy of personal conduct towards people and life. Derived from many religious and philosophical studies, Bowserism tries to bring into the twenty first century old precepts in a new package that can be accepted by an educated class of people. It is a work in progress and this sage welcomes your addition to this work of wisdom. Please feel free and advance this effort.

1) Life can be good or bad, depending on the actions of either the individual, another person, both or the actions of others.

2) Your actions can create good, bad or worse results as time moves forward.

3) You can love, hate, help or harm others.

4) Every man has sinned.

5) There are two paths from which to choose.

6) There is always time to change paths.

7) Blazing your own trail will lead to one of two paths.

8) Do to others as you would have them do to you.

9) Do not lie.

10) Do not bait and fish for evil in another mans heart or you will find it.

11) The human soul is more valuable than any material object.

12) Forgive others their errors.

13) Two wrongs do not make a right.

Her Bowserism kept her head above water.
by Sqeeezer May 15, 2007
An extremely angry homosexual or extreme gay activist of any sexual orientation.

Someone who complains excessively over trivial issues.

Someone obsessed with the perceptions of others.
I am sure he has a point, but right now he's acting like a homoiratus.
by Sqeeezer May 16, 2007

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