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An 80's barfly with hair so blonde it's white. Usually whorish in nature
Man check out that hair, it's Spermicide Blonde!
by Spunky Union June 08, 2007
A lesbian

A female who prefers relationships with other females.

A handsome woman
Whoa, look at that chick with the wifebeater and boxers showing. She must be a friend of leslie.
by Spunky Union June 08, 2007
The overly tan, usually Italian boys or manwhores that sleep with anything that walks.

The Gotti's
Man he's cute, but don't sleep with him. I think he's one of those deigo nasties.
by Spunky Union June 08, 2007
Forgetting why you're fighting.
We always be forgighting while we're fucked up. The next day, we make up since we forgot why we were fighting!
by Spunky Union June 08, 2007
Getting in a huge fight and then forgetting why you were fighting. Usually an alcohol induced instance.
Man, Steve and Mark were totally forgighting at my house the the other night. I think it was because he gave him a wet willy.
by Spunky Union June 02, 2007
1. Blogging under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Barfing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
1. I was BUI last night. I woke up this morning and realized that what none of what I wrote made any sense...

2. Each time I have tequila, I wind up BUI.
by Spunky Union May 04, 2007
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