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A London Borough. Also known as the London Borough of Poland due to the amount of immigrants from Poland living in this area.
Person 1: Fancy getting the Tube to th London Borough of Ealing?
Person 2: Dont you mean fancy getting the tube to the London Borough of Poland?
by Spunko December 22, 2006
The lesser known of the three Liverpool Universities. Also referred to as the "college of knowledge". Has seen many greats fail in their quest for a degree on numerous occassions.
I went to Hope for the same reason as everybody else here.... clearing.

You should have gone to Hope if your that dumb.
by Spunko May 06, 2005
Quite simply, male genitalia.
My dickage is on show, bruv.
by spunko December 19, 2003
Hairstyles that are some-what unorthadox. Usually associated with Toni and Guy and are often messy and can vary drastically in length. People are usually accused of having paid too much for their hair if it is "creative". Having creative hair should be seen as a positive thing but those who are follically challenged or have no sense of trends and fashions may try to tease a person for having creative hair. This is usually down to jealousy. Creative hair often requires a great deal of hair care products.
Simon that is very creative hair.
I like your creative hair even though it is a bit attention seeking.
by Spunko December 21, 2006
To fondle children.
Meagh, I Knibbed him. Only 8 he was.
by spunko November 28, 2003
Dartford Grammar School, in Kent. DON'T even THINK about going there. I can give you ten reasons to go to Gravesend Grammar School instead, I've been to both after all. Fo' sho'.
Go to DGS and you'll regret it. Guaranteed!
by spunko December 20, 2004
A cross between stabbing and sex. It is the practice of stabbing somebody and making love to the wound. One should avoid areas that have a lot of bone such as the pelvis and restrict this practice to fleshy areas such as the stomach/armpit.
Ahhh that ugly bald man is having stex with my calf.
by Spunko December 21, 2006
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