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The act of having sex.
Liam: here, that fat ginger you shagged last night was mingin'
coco: Glues glue lad
Liam: fair play
by Spunkmuffin February 16, 2011
A special brand of profalactic, commonly used by people with traffic cone sized cocks, of course this makes their bell - ends oddly shapen but still rips vadge good and proper.
Robin: Aww man, i can never find any condoms that fit my traffic cone shaped willy!
Michael: Dont worry buddy - take this cone-dom!
Robin: Phew, youre a life saver buddy, my grannies coming over tonight you see, for a joint think.
by Spunkmuffin March 01, 2010
A hairy paedophile. Someone who likes to fondle little girls and

often letches on underagers over facebook and msn.
that boys such a grant hardie

yeah.. keep your kids inside tonight.
by Spunkmuffin October 26, 2011
A paedophiles version of google.
Paedophile 1: Hrmm, you reckon theres any new images on twoodle?
paedophile 2: hopefully... i need a good think
by Spunkmuffin March 01, 2010
The polite term for a buddhist with crabs.
Robin: Yo, whys that guy scrathing his crotch instead of reincarnating?
Callum: Uhh he must be such a croobda
Michael:... i hate croobdas
by Spunkmuffin March 01, 2010
The act of fisting a european womans anus.
"Woah, robin totally poerda'd that bitch!"
by Spunkmuffin December 03, 2009
A snowglobe is a sex move in which a man coats his nut sack in cocaine and his a female snort/lick it off!
An expensive process but totally worth it on a romantic date
callum - "did you hear about matt and that haylz bird?"
darren - "yeah he totally got her to snowglobe him!"
callum - "paha what a sket!"
by Spunkmuffin August 23, 2010
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