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Noun, adjective - A lifestyle of the highest pleasures. An easy life of wealth and privilege. Usually preceded by "life of", as in life of Klingele. Sometimes abbreviated as LOK.
Lucky ass punk won the lotto. He is living the life of Klingele now.

He is on vacation, that is LOK for that dude.
by Spudsy G April 22, 2008
noun, adjective - abbreviation for Life of Klingele. An easy or lucky life. The good life. On easy street.
Sucka got a big ass raise. LOK for that sumbitch.
by Spudsy G April 22, 2008
An place or state of mind inhabited only by people and items that are boss or incredibly hip. A play on the words boss and the country Bosnia. An inhabitant of bossnia would listen to bangin music and wear clothes that are the shit.
Dud: Bro with the accent is groovy. He from Bossnia?

Dave: Dude is fuckin' president of Bossnia.
by Spudsy G April 23, 2008
Verb - to smoke weed or pot in any fashion with another person. Joint, fatty,blunt,bowl,bong, all are methods of smokeblow.
guy1 Friday night at last!

guy2 I say my good fellow, what say we retire to my study and smokeblow?
by Spudsy G April 23, 2008

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