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The base unit for 'loads'. Not a whole lot, but will still take a large amount of time to do or be really hard to carry
That's a buttload of comics.
by Spud January 09, 2004
used while playing multiplayer halo or any other multiplayer game it means "in your face inferior opponents"
*can only properly be used if yelled
*Shazam* mother fuckers!
by Spud August 09, 2004
An imbecile dolt, or fool. Colloquial Dublin expression.
Graham: I'll think I'll book the continental breakfast for the morning after my stag nite. Its only £11 extra.
Jason: What are you doing that for you eejit.
by Spud October 02, 2003
someone who licks their own asshole
u fong urself so therefore u r a fonger
by spud June 01, 2003
a party that is so far "off the hook", that there is no "hook". It can't even see the "hook".
"Man, I went to a total Bunfight last night, it was off tha hizzy fo shizzy"
by Spud October 22, 2003
vt. to inflict suffering for an indeterminate period.
"If you don't go to bed right now, I'll gitmo your ass with the belt."
by sPud October 12, 2004
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