27 definitions by Spud

An implement you use to stir the porridge (roofles)
Michty thats a huge spurtle you've there Hamish. I bet the wee woman loves it.
by spud August 14, 2003
Government-funded gangster
Today I saw some Jennifer Street Police cruising around.Scary man.
by sPUD May 26, 2012
ehm-pie'-ret n. one who advocates then hijacks an establishment or expansion of empire, esp. with the intent of either personal enrichment or advancement of fundamentalist philosophies. A pirate of empire.

Note: for the sake of the author's conditional liberty, please do not assume that the preceding definition refers to either Dick Cheney or Paul Wolfowitz. The two are more accurately described as assholes.
"...and I for one welcome our new empirate overlords!"
by sPud October 13, 2004
Nickname of major league baseball player Travis Hafner. It stands for "half project, half donkey."
Hafner had initiated his run to win the All-Star vote on Monday during a news conference, when he joked that fans should "Vote Pronk," a reference to his nickname.
by Spud August 05, 2004
The illusory idea that homosexual women may have sex by bumping one female's vaginal labia against another female's vaginal labia. A slander. Other forms: clam bumper(s).
"Those dikey chicks are off to go clam bumping."
by Spud January 27, 2004
is a thief who robs money, fones. she loves her wkd tho
*hahaha i robbed ur fone danny cos im loony*
by spud February 09, 2004
Something unspeakable you perform with your unmentionables.
Professor Hill caught Jennings having a quick firkin in the lavotories and nearly ended himself on the spot.
by spud July 22, 2003

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