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Someone who enters a numerical position on a message board or social network post such as first or second but adds no meaningful insight or opinion on the original post. Statistically this will fail and makes the firster look idiotic and annoying rather than just being annoying for wasting space.

This is similar to trolling but lazier and not as creative. It's kind of like Trolling for Idiots.
The topic would go here and then the firster would post as such.

Bojeezy - FIRST!
Bukkake4me- 2nd!
Admin- Well that was informative...and creative..
by sprydle April 14, 2010
to be utterly and completely defeated
Your team got Saddamed
by sprydle July 10, 2003
Irish Gaelic for "Shut the fuck up".
Sean-"Erin go bragh!It's St. Paddy's Day"

Padraig-"Agus do focan clab!"
by Sprydle March 11, 2005
Metaphor used to describe a condition or situation so intense or sexually exciting it could cause you to ejaculate in your pants. Named for ejaculate being compared to cream in the phrase "cream my jeans". Can be used to describe a person's attractiveness or a situation.
"Man she looks so hot in that halter top she gave me twinkie britches."
by sprydle December 14, 2008
For paranormal researchers (taken from paranormal discussion boards) when someone is sucker punched or attacked by an unseen assailant. Named for LivingTV show Most Haunted's Stuart Torevell who seems to be constantly singled out by attacks from ghosts, spooks, demons, etc. Can also be used to describe a hit and run physical attack from someone who seems to come out of nowhere and just disappears.
We were investigating at the old barn when Will got Torevelled by something.
by Sprydle June 26, 2007
What the locals actually call Nashville TN due to it's country tackiness.
We went to Nashvegas for the weekend it looks as tacky as ever.
by Sprydle March 11, 2005
According to popular belief red headed stepchildren are prone to severe discipline problems, rebelliousness and promiscuity.
Kena is such a red headed stepchild...no really she is she's run away from home as a kid and has slept with 400 guys.
by Sprydle March 11, 2005

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