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Indie music is about grit, struggle, and everyday life, It is not about faggot students in pink blazers dancing to the klillers on a night out in a posh bar on their Mummy and Daddys wages, Franz Ferdinand is NOT indie, nor are the Killers, Bravery, Kasier Chefis ECT, theese are faggot student pop bands, indie is Oasis, The Stone Roses, Cast, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, Charlatans ECT
Student Cunt : Oh yeah, im so indie, ive just got the new franz ferdinand album, theres a really cool song on there about going out on mummys money in a pink blazer and dancing like a cunt.

Indie Lad: Ive just scraped enough money together to buy a copy of All Change by Cast and a few e's, i mignt be poor, but at least im real.
by Sprotson Green July 20, 2005

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