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A concept invented by Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the early 1960s. A gay guy tells straight guys how to dress and cut their hair, and somehow the straight guys end up knee deep in pussy.
John: hey George, toss me over another bird, hey?

George: take two, mate. I've got extra, what?
by Sprocket The Dog April 21, 2004
British slang for a dumbass jackoff.
Blimey, you've cracked the windscreen on me lorry, fuckwits!
by Sprocket the Dog October 26, 2003
A lesbian. See "carpet muncher," "tuna taco gourmet," or "dyke."
No wonder that chick wouldn't give me any play. I found out that she's a donut bumper.
by Sprocket the Dog October 04, 2003
A gay man. Taken from the movie "Rock Star."
The lead singer is a closeted sausage jockey.
by Sprocket The Dog December 18, 2002
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