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A rarely seen or documented creature. It's existence was first discovered in 1998 in Boise, ID. They are about the size of a large Chimpanzee but mangier in appearance. When they walk, they "shamble". Their cry is a high pitched "MEEEEP!!". They are pack animals and have a rather violent temperament. They are smart enough to be trained to carry explosive vests and detonate them near their targets. Few people who have ever lived to see a Mebbit have lived to tell of them.
John: Hey Pat, today I sketched my rendition of a Mebbit training camp in the Himalayas.

Pat: Dude, be careful who sees that.

John: Come on man, we both know Mebbits aren't rea--

Mebbit: MEEEEP!!

by Spritel Keidel December 24, 2009
The disgusting offspring of the rare creature known as a Mebbit. The word is a combination of "Fetus" and "Mebbit". Fettits are about the size of a Guano-producing Bat and have similar mannerisms. They are typically gray, slimy, and covered in after-birth. Instead of emitting the "MEEEEP!" cry heard from the adult size Mebbit, the Fettit emits a gargly "BLECH!" when attempting to communicate. Instead of learning to crawl and then walk, Fettits instinctually learn to "shamble" immediately upon birth. On rare occasions, Fettits have been trained to carry small explosive vests used in terrorist activity. A Fettit will reach full Mebbit maturity after about 12 years. Highly dangerous.
Pat: Hey John, BLECH!

John: Dude, not funny. You know how sensitive I am about Mebbit jokes after..the incident.

Pat: But "BLECH!" is what a Fettit says, "MEEEEP!" is what a Mebbit says.

John: Come on man!

Fettit: BLECH!!

by Spritel Keidel December 24, 2009

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