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a crappy and frankly, mind numbingly boring sport that only fat-shit Americans play because they lack the athleticism and skill of Rugby or Football(soccer).

fans are typical dull witted Neanderthals with beer bellies that dont understand what a proper sport it. fans typically love to brag about "how big and mean Ray Lewis" is but noone buys it. i would love to see Ray Lewis get run the fuck over by Pierre spies of South Africa.

Americans love to give their teams some special patriotic meaning but and to hype up their status such as "world champions" and all but not a single person gives a shit about American Football outside of the US.
typical American Football Supporter: wow look at this guy! he has been able to run for a whole 10 seconds! AMAZING!

decent human being: the fuck man?
by Springbok lover December 18, 2009

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