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A juggalo/juggalette is a person who listens to ICP or any of that other psycho music. They might be a nice person but that crap clogs their brain and causes them to act like brainless blobs of faygo and faggotry(not a word but niether is juggalo/juggalette). From my experinces with people professing to be Juggalos/Juggalets, the are generaly irrational and obnoxis. Tending to hit things and scream "I don't give a Fu<k" And also the fact that they think ICP is actually telling of the real world and of things to come is completely obsurd. How can someone rapping,(if you can call it that) would rap about such things as they do and try to say that they are trying to save people and relate it to God. He has a special section of hell mapped out just for them, a buring pool of faygo and facepaint.
A Juggalo/Juggalette once tryed to diss Eminem and the onlything he could do was copy Marshalls lyrics and make it all to easy for Slim Anus to diss them right back, cause he doesnt get fucked in his like you two faggots do.

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