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Something you say when you've been dealt a vast amount of ownage. It's a compulsory response to having your ass handed to you. It's usually uttered in the hopes of saving face.
Ernie: Your mother ain't shit!
by Spotted Sea Cow April 13, 2005
AKA: The Pork

An obese man of minimal intellect, who gorges himself at the expense of others, He is a human void of rotund immensity.

He primarily spends his time having Cyber sex with under aged boys that pretend to be under aged girls.

He manages a sub par Transformer fan message board, wherein his daily duties consist of duping Internet fucktards into donating vast amounts of time & money.

The community members are encouraged to donate funds under the guise of prosperity and believe that their investments will bring about potential Board & community growth, but in all actuality he's probably ciphoning the revenue to supplement his ever "diminishing" income.

Just another complete loser that's better at the "internet" than real life.
"Kalidor has bitch tits!"
by Spotted Sea Cow April 13, 2005
A person who compulsively Jerks off with fervor, has white knuckles from inner tension, and tends to be slathered or heavily encrusted in Gobs of Man Milk.

These people resemble the lesser primates, usually with a penis always at hand, And have The propensity to Bogart All the eats.
"Fuck you, Dick Munker!"
by Spotted Sea Cow April 12, 2005
An anus that recieves an excessive amount of attention, which far exceeds regularity.

Usually pertains to homosexual acts.
but generally used out of context.

See also: Man Pussy
"That chick I was dating tried to play with my Bander Snatch"

"He only wants you for your Bander snatch"
by Spotted Sea Cow April 12, 2005
When Skipping or lag occurs in Video games, Computer or Console.

A lack of fluid Movement and a general bogged down feeling.
"When Playing Halo 2, On big time battles, The action can get pretty Hurky jerky."
by Spotted Sea Cow April 11, 2005
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