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1 definition by Sportz

The trademarked shoe of the douchebag. Nike Air Max wearers tend to drink a large amount of alcohol, buzz their hair, use every chance they have to exhibit how good they are at a sport or all sports in general, and they restrict their conversations too how much pussy they get, how large their dick is, sports, and alcohol. Also, anyone not fitting these guidelines automatically inherits the title of "fag." Articles of clothing that go well with Nike Air Max's are mesh basketball shorts, high socks, and assorted sports team shirts.
Douchebag 1: Hey bro! I'm drunk as fuck right now! Wanna play sports?!
Douchebag 2: Hell yeah bro! Go long! Look at that fag! He doesn't have Nike Air Max's!
Douchebag 1+2: FAG!!!
by Sportz December 15, 2009