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1. Ignorant fools who just can't accept the fact that Kobe is just better than most of your favourite bball players.
2. Those idiots who finally had the chance to diss Kobe after the sex-assualt case, which, didn't prove he did it.
3. Sad group of jealous morons who specially pick out Kobe's mistakes in order to put him down. Let me tell you this, anyone would as bad as Kobe if you do so on anyone.
4. Idiots who always bring up the same lame arguements about Kobe. eg. Ball hog. As the matter of fact, the Lakers are still winning games, still going to the playoffs, and Kobe is still better than you.
Hater: Kobe's 81 is INsignificant.
Person: lol... what is then? you Kobe hater.
by Sportsmenship April 14, 2006
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