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Formed in 1996 after Art Model moved the Browns to Baltimore (all Browns statistics remain with the new Cleveland franchise), it took them several years to build a decent football team. In 2000, behind an amazing defence and streaky quarterback Trent Dilfer, they won Super Bowl XXXV as a wild car team. They've made the playoff 2 more times since, most recently in 2003. However, in generaly, Baltimore teams have seen great defenses, but have been plagued by bad offenses.
"The Baltimore Ravens have done what the old Cleveland Browns could not. They have won the Super Bowl, dominating the Giants."
by Sports Info July 03, 2006
The NFL's perenial last place team, the Cardinals are a team with a long history, and one that unfortunately includes mostly losing. Established in 1920 as the Chicago Cardinals, they always played second fiddle to the crosstown Bears in the league's early days. The Cardinals generally struggled in their early years, except for a surprising championship in 1925. The team won an NFL championship in 1947 against the Eagles for their only title. They lost the rematch in the 1948 title game, in a low scoring 7-0 matchup. In 1960, the team moved to St. Louis, which did little to change their fortunes. The team had its best years in franchise history in the mid-70s with Jim Hart under center, achieving 3 straight playoff berths from 1974-76. The team also had a playoff berth in the strike shortened 1982 season. However, with the team still a poor franchise and, with St. Louis refusing to pay for a new stadium, the team moved to Phoenix for the 1988 season, first calling themselves the Phoenix Cardinals, then switching to the name Arizona Cardinals in 1994. The team failed to post a .500 season from 1985-97, but finally broke through with a playoff berth in 1998, their most recent postseason apperance. That year, the team went 9-7 and pulled off a 1st round upset of the Cowboys. Since then, the team has returned to its losing ways. However, they are currently building a good offense and their might be hope on the horizon for this team.
"The Arizona Cardinals have pulled up a gigantic playoff upset! In their first postseason apperance in 16 years, the defeat Dallas and are moving on to the next round."
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
Formed in 1960 as the Houston Oilers, they were one of the original members of the AFL, winning the league's first 2 championships in 1960 and 1961. After being good throughout the '60s, struggled until the late 1970s when Earl Campbell began to tear it up at runningback. In 1978 and 1979, they made the playoffs as a wild card team, advanced to the AFC title game, and were dismantled by the champion Steelers. Aquired Warren Moon to play quarterback and rattled off 7 straight playoff berths from 1987-93. However, interest in the Oilers was waning in Houston, especially after a dismal 1994. After the 1996 season, owner Bud Adams moved the team to Tennessee, first for a temporary year in Memphis (while a new stadium was under construction), and then to the permanent home of Nashville. Made the playoffs 4 out of 5 years from 1999-2003, losing the Super Bowl in 1999. In this game, the Titans were stopped inches short of the goal line on the last play of the game as they tried to tie the score. Have not made the playoffs since 2003 and are currently rebuilding.
"Time running out here in Super Bowl XXXIV. McNair drops back, the rush is coming, throws it across the middle to Dyson. Dyson is grabbed from behind, lunges to the goal line, but he is.....stopped short! He stretches but he will not cross the plain! And the Rams have won the championship! The Tennessee Titans come within 2 inches of a Super Bowl but cannot pull it off!"
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
The Rams were founded in 1937 as Cleveland's NFL franchise. Struggling early in their existance, they rose to glory behind quarterback Sammy Baugh in 1945 and won a close battle to claim the NFL title. However, following the season, the team moved to Los Angeles. They played for the NFL championship each year from 1949-51, winning the crown in 1951. In 1950, the Rams faced their replacement from Cleveland, the Browns. The faced them for the title again in 1955, and came up losers for a 2nd time. After sparse playoff berths in the 1960s, they became a force in the 1970s, with consecutive playoff apperances from 1973-80. However, they always seemed to be overshadowed and made the Super Bowl just one time, a loss to the Steelers in 1979. Were again impressive with 6 playoff berths in 7 years from 1983-89, but were once again unable to beat out the competition for a conference title. The team struggled in years afterward and moved to St. Louis for the 1995 season. It took the team several years, but they built up a powerhouse offense that took the team to Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. In that game, the beat the Titans on a goal line stand for their first Super Bowl win and first title since 1951. This began a run of 5 playoff berths in 6 years, including another Super Bowl apperance- a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in 2001 on a last second field goal. In 2005, though, the team struggled mightily and the once powerful offense began to fade.
"Dyson lunges for the goal line, he reaches but he's stopped short! The defense holds and time runs out! The St. Louis Rams have won Super Bowl XXIV!"
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
Formed in 1933, the Eagles struggled in their early years, but became dominant in the 1940s, making 3 straight championship games from 1947-49, winning titles in the '48 and '49 games. Under the leadership of quarterback Norm Van Brocklin, they won their third and most recent title in 1960. The team struggled for many years afterward, turning it around only in the late 1970s. From 1978-81, the team went on a streak of consecutive playoff berths that included a loss in 1980's Super Bowl XV. Under the multitalented quarterback Randall Cunningham, the team had 4 playoff berths between 1988-92, and followed these runs up with 2 more postseason apperances later in the decade. In the early 2000s, the Eagles were one of football's best teams with 5 straight playoff berths from 2000-04. However, Philadelphia's postseason record was dismal and it included 3 consecutive home NFC championship losses. The team finally made the Super Bowl in 2004, but lost a close one to the Patriots. In 2005, the Eagles collapsed, due in part to the Terrell Owens fiasco, and finished with a poor record.
"The Patriots have won their third world championship in four seasons! And all the Philadelphia Eagles can do is sit and wonder. They come up just short in another crucial playoff game, losing Super Bowl XXXIX."
by Sports Info July 08, 2006
The team was formed in 1960 as the AFL's Dallas Texans. They won a championship in 1962 then moved and became the Kansas City Chiefs the following season. They became a dominant team in the late 1960s, with 4 playoff berths. They lost in Super Bowl I in 1966, the first meeting of AFL and NFL teams. In 1969, the dominated Minnesota for a Super Bowl IV victory. From 1972-89, the Chiefs went on a long streak of years in which the missed the playoffs. They finally recovered in early 1990s under the direction of Marty Schottenheimer, with 7 playoff berths in 8 years from 1990-1997. They also had Joe Montana play quarterback during his final seasons. The Chiefs had their most recent playoff apperance in 2003. They have recently had incredibly offenses and amazing players such as Trent Green and Tony Gonzales, but have been plagued by bad defenses.
"The Purple People Eaters of Minnesota were viewed by many as the most hard-nosed defense in the league, but the Kansas City Chiefs were the toughest team today, as the have won the Super Bowl."
by Sports Info July 05, 2006
The NFL's newest team, the Texans were established in 2002. After struggling during their first two seasons, they appeared to be turning a corner with a 7-9 record in 2004 and better play by quarterback David Carr. However, they finished as the worst team in the league in '05, taking a big step backwards. The Texans are known for having a poor offensive line (which leads to many sacks), mediocre defense, and bad runningbacks.
"The Houston Texans go down again. They lose to the 49ers, and Houston will be the worst team in the National Football League."
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
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