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3 definitions by Sportinecronoob

When taking any frowned upon action to a new and disgustingly horrible level that is much worse than it usualy is, because of added acts of being an asshole.
*Regular Douche Move*-Haha i kicked Jim in the nuts

*Supervillain Status Douche Move*-Haha after doing Jim's girlfriend, and then tossing his puppy over a bridge, I kicked him in the nuts.
by Sportinecronoob August 16, 2010
When one gets so exited he or she jumps and clicks their heels together, about a lie that was started by them to make them seem popular, when it is in fact a feeble attempt because of all the evidence that proves it is a lie. And in spite of all of this evidence, they continue to stand by their lie.
"Hey man, *clicks heels* im so pro at everything i do because i (insert lie here) and also i can (insert lie here)."

To reply to these lies one would say sarcastically " Oh yeah your so MLG Tom"
by Sportinecronoob June 02, 2010
An insult to shame another individual by letting them know how boring their story or accomplishment is.
Tom: The other day i got a triple colateral no-scope in cod, im totally l33t.

John: Well arent you fuckin' captain legit.
by Sportinecronoob August 07, 2010