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A beautiful, crazy, offbeat (and AWESOME) female/transgender female who loves ham and chicken titty. She will slap anyone & everyone with the bitter-sweetness of cold, hard reality yet protects anyone she cares about. You don't want to mess with her... If you do you will get a pissed off ghetto white girl tackling you. Not into apologies unless you're thisclose. She is fun to be with especially if you're feeling wacky or are on a natural high due to laughing or energy drinks until she gets tired, then she's adorably crabby. Don't try to wake her up in the middle of a sleep or she will go ninja on your ass, when not trying to wake her up she is known to spoon. Call her a bum or weird lovingly and she'll return the favor graciously.
"You're so weird Cassie."
"Awww, thanks bum!"


"You my bum, hehe"

"Gurl please..."
by Sporkforpresident January 21, 2012
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