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Rochester, MN is the biggest town in Minnesota save the twin cities. Heres a not-so-brief description of it...

Rochester is a city of a population of over 100,000, with a few thousand visitors at any given time. Why so many visitors? Many are patients at Rochester's Mayo Clinic, arguably the best hospital in the US, and on the top five list in the world. Mayo employs around 35,000 people at any given time. A second major employer is IBM.

A few good places to eat are Newt's Burgers, which have won many burger awards over the past few years. There is also a nice Red Lobster. You can also visit one of the ridiculous amounts of Micky Ds.

Schools--- The four high schools in Rochester are John Marshall (GO ROCKETS), Mayo, Century, and Lourdes(Private). You can take a few UofM classes in Rochester, and the local community college is RCTC

The Mayo clinic was founded when a Tornado rolled through town (at this time a small village) and killed all the smart people that would've moved away.

This brings me to the climate. Rochester is located in the godforsaken part of the country where you can get snow, rain, hail, tornadoes, and 90 degree weather in the same week.

Rochester is surrounded with many small communities whose sole purpose at city council meetings is to complain about a few trees in the park obstructing the view of a river.
Man, its snowing again in May... This must be Rochester Minnesota.
by Spork1997 March 15, 2012

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