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1. n - One who who who who who stutters in an odd odd odd odd fashion.

2. n - Male in denial of a love addiction to watching Aliens/Demons with some Mollusk-like attributes have their way with Schoolgirls.

3. n - One who has a disfunctional "M" Key, thus becoming, a foru loser with a coputerised achine.

4. v - Thirteenth Century temenology for climbing a seige engine to pass over an ungaurded wall.
1. George recited as such, "To to to to B-b-b-be ooooor not to b-b-b-be, that is is is is is is the question." The rest of the class laughed and called him a MagnaKaser.

2. The MagnaKaser was arrested for looking at comprimising photos of Undersea life at an age younger than 18.

3. "I can type fine ost of the tie!" said the MagnaKaser

4 The brave Knights would Magna their Kasers and be the first to see the insides of the Dastardly Lord's keep.
by Spork Fortuna September 01, 2003
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