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when you spoon with someone in bed and your bodies fit perfectly together you have achieved spoonage
me and my honey reached spoonage last night under the stars
by spooner July 18, 2004
A cool toy developed in singapore thats in scale to the average adult male. with 14 ball joints it has the most interchangability and poseability in any toy. and very custimiseable
I just got back from the store Stikfas rock!
by Spooner October 28, 2003
a bird..

better known as a "pidgeon"

its a bird, its sexy, and it eats about almost everything..
wow, thats a wicked duif !

omg, its a duif !!
by Spooner February 23, 2005
A Friendly cat-fucker who frequents www.zeropaid.com

We love 'em anyway. :)
God damn it MoonMan, STOP fucking fluffy, her ass is bleeding!
by Spooner July 08, 2003
Spoon spherical area connected to the handle
"Lets eat some soup by scooping it with the wu-tang"
by Spooner January 04, 2004
what bush must do after we pull our troops from the stupid war.
President bush should start to eat crow.
by spooner November 10, 2004

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