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The beautiful, searing and singing tone with which Brian May has carved out a career as guitarist for Queen and a great songwriter in his own right.

Achieved by using his custom, handcrafted Red Special instrument which was made from an old Victorian oak fireplace augmented with rosewood (for the fret board) and mahogany. This is then fed into a Treble Booster (usually a modern one made by Greg Fryer) pedal, which is amplified by either the Deacy amp or three VOX AC30s with other effects such as delay and flanger added.

Many players can buy equivelant replicas of the equipment Brian May uses, but very few players can play guitar with the same style and brilliance as the man himself.
Almost any Queen song has a good example of Brian May tone, but the crowning moment of awesome has to be all his parts on Bohemian Rhapsody, especially the first solo where the guitar sounds like it is weeping and wailing.
by SpoonCabal August 29, 2008
The Deacy is a small, Germanium transistor amplifier which was made from an old speaker by bassist John Deacon for use by Brian May when recording multiple guitar parts on Queen albums. An important part of the Brian May Tone.
Many Queen songs use the Deacy amplifier, but one of the best is the song 'Good Company' on 'A Night at the Opera' where the jazz-band effect is actually created by Brian May playing many, many guitar overdubs.
by SpoonCabal August 29, 2008
A device - usually in the form of a foot-operated switch - which is used by guitarists to increase the brilliance of their guitar sound by boosting the treble frequencies and increasing the gain to provide a richer sound from their amplifiers.
The Dallas Rangemaster is probably the most famous Treble Booster, but the little-known Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso is a different but equally rocking piece of kit.
by SpoonCabal August 29, 2008
A Newspeak-derived term which combines Describe with Gripe.

Whereby an individual will describe a work of art, other person or such will simultaneously ripping on them for some flaw, usually starting a sentence with "Well it's good, BUT..."

Someone who does this regularly is referred to as a Desgriper, a hater or just a miserable old bastard.
"The Dark Knight brings teh awesomez with it's action scenes, but why does it have to get all preachy with the good versus evil struggle and what's with that stupid ending?"

"Dude, why do you always desgripe things?"
by SpoonCabal August 29, 2008
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