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Word that can be used when pissed off. Equivalent of God dammit, only it makes no grammatical sense at all, and is therefore fun to say.
God fuck! I died!
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
Pathetic place where they teach things you will never use in everyday life. Things like Calculus, the reproduction system of an earth worm, and Geography.
Geography. I mean honestly, when the hell am i gonna need the population density of uzbekastan.
by Spoon Worshiper January 19, 2004
The cat what has facial hair. Greatest flash animation ever made, and ever WILL be made. ALL HAIL BEEBO!
Harry: Hey!
Crocodile dundee: what do youuu want?
Harry: I want me sandawich.
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
Real meaning: French for "Subject"
My meaning: Greatest word ever made, cause it sounds funny. It can mean, literally, whatever the fuck you WANT it to mean. See meh.
Real: Le cahier du sujet. (yah, so i'm bad at French... shut up.)

by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
The prissy ones are, complete whores who have sex with every second guy they see on the street. They usually claim to be going for "respect" yet they think that if they have sex with people for money, it will GET them respect.

Completely stuck up, all of which should be lined up and shot.

I thank god I am not friends with any of them.
All prisses should be killed, slowly and painfully.
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
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