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Fruity Nuts: A person who is such a fag that he outshines even the most gay of the gay in attitude and actions. Fruity nutz likes the cock so bad that his burn-a-bility is a factor so large it could eclipse the sun and threaten us all with a doomed existence consisting of a torture beyond words. The closest thing to a woman, yet still remaining 99% man, that Fruity-Nuts would actualy go for is Beaver.
C: "Fagmo!"

L: "Damnit, Fruity Nuts, go suck a cock."


G: "Fruity Nuts is probably off jerking himself to Gamash."
by Spoon Ninja July 26, 2005
The most awesome and spoonyest ninja around. He wields spoons masterfully and uses spoony nin-jutsu.(Spoon-Jutsu)
The spoon ninja waits in the shadows until it is time to give someone he spooning of their life.
by Spoon Ninja April 26, 2006

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