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One who is unhealthily obsessed with New York and inhabitants. You may notice that this person attempts to be a "New Yorker" in everything they do because they THINK there is public interest for their petty stories. Often, will hear a Hope saying such things as "My brother works in New York at the (Insert hoidy toidy job here), and this one time in New York, I went into this African bar and they were playing Swedish music on Hanukkah! The bartender gave me free drinks just because he knows that my (aforementioned) brother works at the ________. Aren't I SOOOOO cultured?

You may also notice the EXTREME size of a Hope, as it is a hallmark of it's unmotivated ways.

A Hope will often repeat atrocious party attire, always equipped with cheap red lipstick.

One who vacillates between self righteous manipulation and trying to get attention by overplaying her "self loathing". A Hope may often try to guilt trip you into doing a myriad of things.

One who "shows their inner pain" by etching designs into their arm with a safety pin, and is unaware that everyone knows it's only for attention.

A Hope is often frivolous with money, and can be seen weekly at the bank (Or credit union) liquidating assets. This is more commonly done in attempt to buy friendships or sex.

One who is attracted to partners with a significant lack of hair, use to anyone, or social skills. A Hope's romantic conquest is more than likely the butt of jokes and doesn't even know it. This can be attributed to their self absorbed tendencies.

One who attempts to sound like a cheap call girl when using the telephone, only to sound like an uppity bimbo.
"Dude that girl is such a Hope. Her desperate cries for attention are merely pathetic"
by SpookyLittleGirl April 20, 2008

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