3 definitions by Spooks95

Two girls from Russia who had the greatest publicity stunt of all. Tho they are not lesbians they are one of the greatest bands.
Tatu is one of the greatest bands, there homeland is Russia.
by Spooks95 March 28, 2005
Mall of america in Bloomington,Minnesota is the biggest US mall, and the best it has nightclubs,underground fishtank, and everything.
I live by the Mall of america
by Spooks95 March 30, 2005
Tatu is two girls (Yulia Volkavo & Lena Katina) from Russia, They had one of the Best Publicity Stunts- They pretented there were Lesbians. Tho they are Not,they are one of the best singing groups.
" tATu is my favorite group"
by Spooks95 March 30, 2005

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